Kassie Dalsveen


Kassie is Emily's partner... business partner? Compadre? She became co-owner of North of Eight Design & Marketing in July 2020 after working to build the N8 brand alongside Emily over the last two years.

This native Texan is still adjusting to these cold Wisconsin winters; however, she realizes that this career (and her husband) makes the below-zero months all worthwhile.

Before becoming a business owner 'Up North' (and after obtaining her Master of Science in Agricultural Media & Communication); Kassie spent some time on the road traveling, writing, and photographing kids & cattle through a non-profit organization in the stock show industry. Then she spent some time as the Marketing Manager for a large RV company back in Texas before making her big move to Wisconsin.

She once spent an entire semester writing up a business plan for her dream job which just so happened to be a small biz marketing agency - so, you could say she really is living her dream.

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    Her Cows

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