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Meet The Team


Founder and Partner

Emily is the founder of North of Eight Design & Marketing. She started this dream literally in her sleep, because she remembers waking up one day thinking "I'm going to quit my job and do this on my own."

Some may call it being naive, but we like to think it's this level of fearlessness that feeds our team's can-do attitude.

Emily cut her teeth in the nonprofit sector. With razor-thin budgets, she was often the marketing department of one. She learned to be strategic and scrappy (scraptegic, if you will), and she continues to approach all projects across the North of Eight portfolio with the utmost concern for return on investment.


Current Faves

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits

Snuggles with my kiddos

Gregory Alan Isakov

Two Women (it's a beer)





Kassie is Emily's partner... business partner? Compadre? Honestly, who knows because, let's be honest, titles are hard. She became co-owner of North of Eight Design & Marketing in July 2020 after working to build the N8 brand alongside Emily over the last two years.

This native-Texan is still adjusting to these cold Wisconsin winters; however, she realizes that this career (and her now-fiance!) makes the below-zero months all worthwhile.

Before becoming a business owner 'Up North' (and after obtaining her Master of Science in Agricultural Media & Communication); Kassie spent some time on the road traveling, writing, and photographing kids & cattle through a non-profit organization in the stock show industry. Then she spent some time as the Marketing Manager for a large RV company back in Texas before making her big move to Wisconsin.

She once spent an entire semester writing up a business plan for her dream job which just so happened to be a small biz marketing agency - so, you could say she really is living her dream.


Current Faves


95.9 The Ranch

The Chosen

The Great Outdoors

Holiday's Iced Coffee



Chief Web Developer

Donielle is the web design wizard behind so many of our fabulous client websites. With a background in design and development, she brings both creativity and smarty-pants coding knowledge to the table. We're so stinkin' lucky to have her and I swear to God if you're reading this and attempt to poach her, I will find you.

One time in high school Donielle spent 34 hours on a Powerpoint design for a class she was already acing, so trust us when we tell you she'll bring her best work to the table every time.


Current Faves


Maple Scented Candles

Lake Superior

Oliver (the world's greatest cat)




Graphic Designer

Lori is N8's secret weapon. No really. As our graphic designer, her creative vision and intense attention to detail brings our services to an entirely new level.

After camping for 12 years in the beautiful northwoods, Lori finally made Wisconsin her home in 2019 - leaving her occupation of over 20 years as an Art Director in the twin cities, working for a major retailer and national catalog company. She is a lover of nature and water, and enjoys kayaking, hiking, biking and golfing.


Current Faves

Italian Food

Being Outdoors

Graphic Design (duh!)



Digital Advertising Expert

Faith is our other native Texan that provides marketing analytics to small businesses that need assistance in building an audience to get more paying clients online.

Faith spent two years as a sales manager for Macy’s before deciding to go back for her Master of Science in Marketing Analytics at St. Edwards University in Austin, TX. After completing her master’s degree, Faith decided to devote her career to helping others achieve their sales goals by assisting small businesses in Google Search Ads and Monthly Audit Reports. 

When Faith isn’t behind the computer, she enjoys spending time in the sunny Texas weather with her miniature Dachshund, Jasmine, and working as a Licensed Esthetician. 

faith selfie

Current Faves

Online Shopping

Asian Food

Red Lipstick

Weekend Road Trips


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