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Labor of Love, Episode 3.

Triple J Lawn & Dock Services WHAT WE DO FOR TRIPLE J: North of Eight Design & Marketing started working with Duane and the Triple J family last fall to help build and maintain a new website. We’ve also assisted them with setting up their Facebook presence and photography. over 200 images captured almost 200…

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Labor of Love, Episode 1.

Burnett County Tourism Coalition WHAT WE DO FOR BCTC: North of Eight Design & Marketing serves as the Burnett County Tourism Coalition’s marketing consultant. This means we do just about whatever is necessary to help this non-profit put it’s mission into the world, including (but definitely not limited too): Web Design, Social Media Management, Graphic…

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So much room for activities! North of Eight Design & Marketing has a new home in Siren, WI. Well, technically it’s our first home…though shout out goes to our local coffee shops for hosting us these past few months . We’re wicked excited about all of the opportunities this new space will afford us. Check…

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Blogception: A Blog on Blogs

Today on the North of Eight blog we’re going to talk about blogging. We’re going to blog about blogging. [That’s a funny word, no?] We blogs. Honestly we use them all the time – not just here, in this space, but we often reference them when we’re trying to learn new things. They’re spaces on…

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Social Media – Don’t just set it and forget it.

If I told you that 2.38 billion people read your local newspaper each month, would you be sure to place your advertisement? Heck yes you would, because you’re an opportunist. That 2.38 billion active users is just for Facebook. That figure doesn’t include potential customers on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and whatever other new-fangled…

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Do I Really Need A Website?

Do you really need a website?

I’m a small business owner…do I need a website?   One of the most important things to me as the owner of this little, middle-of-nowhere agency is to give sound marketing advice to my fellow small business owners. One of the questions I get asked a lot is whether or not a client needs a…

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