ChatGPT blog cover photo from North of Eight

ChatGPT & the Future of Marketing Agencies WHAT IS CHATGPT? If you haven’t heard by now, ChatGPT is taking the world by storm by using cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques to understand the meaning behind human language and generate responses that are relevant and helpful. As a language model, ChatGPT has been trained on vast amounts…

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5 reasons your website needs a redesign

Freshly painted rooms. Clean sheets. A newly designed website. What do these all have in common? THEY FEEL SO DAMN GOOD. Honestly, if I had the time I’d redesign our N8 website once a quarter. As a web designer, there’s almost nothing as satisfying as a freshly updated website. It’s a sick obsession but they…

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Adding to the Dream Team

The gals of N8 are so stinkin’ excited to welcome our newest member of the team – Matt Johnson. Matt joins us as our Vice President of UX Design, which is basically a fancy way to say he makes sure all the digital work that goes out into the world is tailored to a user’s…

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New Google Analytics, Who Dis?

New Google Analytics Blog

But there was so much I didn’t experience with the OLD analytics! Okay so Google just upgraded their analytics platform, but what does that mean for you and your small business? Now is a scary time to have to deal with digital curve balls. With so many businesses shifting to an online model over an…

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Welcome to The Kickasserole!

GUYS we’re starting a podcast/webcast. It’s called The Kickasserole and it’s all about marketing for small businesses. We are so excited for a reason to talk about all the things that we love, and we hope that our ramblings will help you take actionable steps to improve your marketing. Check out our intro video and…

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