Bernie in Mittens .png (because why not)

Bernie Sanders in mittens is everywhere right now - so take advantage of this flash in the pan and put a little bernie on your marketing today.

Right click to save!


Use this Bernie Sanders in Mittens .png as you will.


We call this a marketing hack

When you suddenly see something on your social and it feels like it's everywhere, it's a good idea to think about how you can use this to your advantage. Now of course the early adapters will always prevail, so try to keep your ear to the wind on platforms like Twitter (the trending tab) to get ahead of the curve.

Is this stupid? YES. But the internet loves stupid things. And things like this are a great way to show that you and your business are listening to what's going on socially, and are "hip with the times" HELLO FELLOW KIDS.


And then be sure to pay attention to when the viral sensation starts to fade. It's better to not participate at all versus jumping in on a trend when it's on it's way out.

AND lastly, don't push it. This may not be the right viral train for your business to jump on...and that's okay. There's no telling where or when the next big thing crops up - so pay attention!

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