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North of Eight Design & Marketing can help you create original content that drives traffic to your website. Blogging is a strategically proven way to transform casual viewers into brand supporters. Creating original content through a blog is a great way to convey large amounts of information to your customers in a more personal way. It helps to build your customer's trust while creating a sense of community within your business.

Blogs can also be restructured into many different things. You can easily turn one single blog into many different social media posts. You can use it as your own personal platform to answer those hard-hitting questions that your customers keep asking, and even write general business updates to keep your followers informed on what’s going on in your industry. This is your time to shine and show your customers the voice behind the business. The important thing here is consistency and quality content. Don’t have time to spend on this kind of project? That’s where we come in.

With years of experience, the team at North of Eight can help tell your story in a way that's engaging and unique. We consider blogging the single most important way to keep your brand and website up-to-date and relevant to current events. A well-managed blog is a valuable tool to drive traffic to your website, and North of Eight's content creators craft engaging posts that are both shareable and on-brand.

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