Burnett Medical Center



Burnett Medical Center

The only emergency medical facility in Burnett County, Wisconsin, Burnett Medical Center (BMC) has a 90 year history in providing top-tier medical solutions for patients in Northwest Wisconsin and Northeast Minnesota.

Beyond emergency services, BMC also offers family practice and clinic services, as well as a continuing care center.


The bump in the road


Burnett Medical Center's marketing department identified the need to rebrand the hospital in a sweeping manner. Past brand realignments hadn't been fully implemented, resulting in a disjointed brand experience with three separate logos in current circulation.

The latest logo iteration was of particular concern - the design was difficult to read and the intricacies of some elements made it damn near impossible to use in some applications.

An additional concern was BMC's brand perception - it was imperative that the new brand spoke to the best traits of the hospital while working to combat any negative feelings.

And timing for a rebrand couldn't be better. With their current website service expiring, BMC was simultaneously looking for a new website provider who could redesign their site, breathing new life into a dated online experience.


Through a competitive RFP process, N8 was chosen to help BMC spearhead both the rebrand and website development and hosting.

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It is our closely-held belief that a brand is more than just a logo – rather it is the sum of all elements, both tangible and intangible, that contribute to the perception of any organization/business/product/personality. A strong brand is always rooted in truth and highlights the very best attributes, while working hard to disrupt any misconceptions.

The best, and dare we say only way to develop a strong brand is to make decisions rooted in research. N8 developed a custom survey and captured 250 responses which helped inform the new brand direction.


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Logo Design

Based upon our survey research, we presented BMC with three initial logo designs. These mock ups took into consideration the insights from our surveys, as well as standard design principles such as color theory and the implications of font selection. Our goal was to create a design that didn't just look good, but served its purpose in communicating the new brand pillars of comfort,  compassion, and state-of-the-art services.

The new logo solves the hospital's practical needs - its flexible design and iconography can be easily used in print and digital applications of all sizes. Additionally, it elevates BMC's initial brand perception and creates renewed interest for those who've been familiar with the Burnett Medical Center brand in the past.

  • Modern, clean and professional to represent the facility and the provided services and offset survey data that shows the community does not agree that they will receive the best care at BMC.
  • Blue – trustworthy / purple – compassionate, comforting. Using color theory to own positive perceptions and offset negative perceptions.
  • Practical applications – multiple variations within the same branding scheme to allow for more flexible uses.

Mood Boarding & Concepting

A mood board is a collection of images, fonts, colors, textures, and ideas that capture a certain style or design concept. It’s used as a reference point for every visual design - ensuring that whomever you have creating your graphic pieces, the brand and point-of-view never change. We developed two initial mood board concepts, and worked with the team at BMC to identify changes and updates to create a final board that reflected the new BMC brand pillars - as discovered in our survey data.

In order to maintain consistency, a brand guide is a key document that outlines visual standards AND communication style of any organization. N8 developed a 23 page brand guide for BMC, outlining the new brand voice in a comprehensive manner.


North of Eight Design & Marketing worked with Burnett Medical Center to develop a brand new website.

The old site was difficult to update and barely mobile-friendly. With over 40 percent of patients and potential patients accessing the site via mobile, the new design needed to be designed specifically with those users in mind.

The goals were to showcase the new brand, but especially to improve user experience. Launched in July of 2020, the new site is already showing great promise. The updated WordPress design uses robust form design, mega menus, filterable galleries and more.




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