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Round Man Brewing Co.

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A BREWPUB! Oh my gosh what a treat for us folks north of Highway 8. When we first learned that the Churchills, already established business owners in Spooner, WI, were building a brewpub we knew we were in for something extraordinary. This kickass family already brought our small town the most incredible little coffee shop (The Dock Coffee) and we knew they would put just as much of their passion into this new project.

Opened in November 2018, Round Man Brewing did not disappoint - and it's continually raking in the 5-star reviews day after day.

North of Eight Design & Marketing was T H R I L L E D to take on this website design. Dark and broody, and with some real bad-assery content, this site will forever rank as one of our personal favs.


The Journey begins


The Churchills were already rockstar business owners in the Spooner community - as the owners and proprietors behind the incredibly popular main street coffee hub The Dock Coffee. When word spread they were looking to bring a brewpub to the area, our little hearts (and livers) at North of Eight couldn't wait to give it a try.

The savvy folks they are, they knew this exciting endeavor needed a digital presence just as unique and kickass as their brewpub was going to be.

N8 stepped up to the challenge with a creative design to compliment the amazing branding work done by Big Woods Creative.

Logo Design by Big Woods Creative
Logo Design by Big Woods Creative

The Path Forward


With our team in their back pocket, the Churchills were able to focus on building their business, literally.

In addition to a brand-new, mobile-first and user-friendly website, they also took advantage of a few assists with their local SEO efforts. We helped them jumpstart their Google My Business profile and build out their Yelp, Trip Advisor and Untapp'd presences. Consistent NAP entries (name, address, phone) helped to rank their site higher and higher in the fabled Google algorithm.

As business boomed in their first few months, we were able to work with them on a few wicked awesome graphic design projects for their special events as well.

And as their journey continues, they know they can count on North of Eight Design & Marketing to help plug in wherever necessary. We ❤️ this family and consider ourselves nothing but blessed by the beer gods to help them realize their dreams.


A wildly creative design

We knew we couldn't give the Churchills just any ol' site design, so we set to work crafting something unique just for them. This is one of those rare instances where we opted not to do any competitive or industry analysis to inform best practices in site design (gasp).

The design came together as big, bold and full of attitude. Mimicking elements from the brewpub itself, we brought in this amazing mural artwork (painted by Blaine Churchill - check this guy out he is INCREDIBLE), dark wood patterns and bold/confident statements.

Our favorite element? The out-of-the-ordinary sidebar menu structure available on larger screens.


mobile visitors


organic search traffic
  • Killer new website - CHECK.
  • Awesome marketing collateral? We're on it!

While they were busy hammering in the last nails, the team at North of Eight Design & Marketing stepped in to help build out key profiles and citations in Google My Business, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Beer Advocate and more.

By ensuring NAP (name/address/phone) consistencies and keeping all contact information and hours up-to-date, we're ensuring the RMBC has proper representation across the key information and review aggregating sites on the internet.

Read about Local SEO and why it's important for your small business here.

Honestly... Emily and her team at North of Eight are so awesome. Our family operates two, high intensity hospitality business (Round Man Brewing Co. and The Dock Coffee) and we always have a million things on our docket that need to get done. Working with Emily has given us some of the best quality digital content with zero stress on our end. It's truly one thing we just don't ever have to worry about, we know her and her team have our back , a simple text or call and it's done. And let me tell you, we get a TON of compliments on our websites. We've heard horror stories from fellow industry members of the anguish they've gone through trying to develop websites, set-up social media marketing, and a whole slew of other things. Fortunately for us, this hasn't EVER been a problem.

Going with North of Eight has got to be one of the easiest choices we've made, and we'll never look back. I'd recommend it to everyone without hesitation. My only one complaint is that she hasn't figured out how to hack into the Yelp page and delete our one star reviews (JOKE).

Thank you, North of Eight!

-Spencer Churchill, Round Man Brewing Co.