Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends, family, and followers! We wanted to take some time on this snowy Wednesday to talk about some of the things that we are incredibly grateful for this holiday season. This is a long one so kick your boots off and stay a while.


A little background:

This past September I found out that my husband and I are expecting our second little one. With this news came an onslaught of really terrible, pregnancy-related health problems - the worst of which a diagnosis of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, or basically just extreme morning sickness all day, every day. For weeks I was unable to get out of bed, unable to answer my phone and have conversations with family, friends and clients in any meaningful sort of way. When I tell you it was the worst 8 weeks of my life (physically AND emotionally), I\'m not exaggerating. I\'m the type of person who always needs to have a million plates spinning, and it seemed like overnight all of those plates came crashing down. I lost 18 pounds, any semblance of confidence in myself as a business owner, and basically all of my personal hygiene (Ick - I know!).

The good news is that the second trimester and a solid dose of anti-nausea medications have helped infinitely. I\'m back to work for the most part, though I do let myself sleep in a little later in the morning than I normally would. I have most of my appetite back (just in time for Turkey Day), and I even scrounged up the energy to help a friend create blankets for area foster kids. In all of this I\'ve realized how insanely grateful I am for the people in my life, and I\'d like to call a few of them out.

My staff

I can\'t even begin to tell you how lucky I am to have found and hired literally the two best people on the planet. You can fight me on that, but be warned I won\'t back down. We\'re a new business, a real start up in literally the middle of the woods in Northwest Wisconsin - and it doesn\'t take much for a business like this to fail. During the height of my illness, I wouldn\'t see them for weeks. We\'d communicate as much as possible during business hours electronically, but somedays I was even useless at that.

They carried this business like it was their own. I didn\'t see it fully at the time (I didn\'t see much beside the inside of a toilet), but now that I\'m getting back on my feet I see just how much these two gals did to keep my dream alive, to keep this business alive.

There are no words, no amount of \"Thank Yous\" strung together that would properly articulate my gratitude. The only thing I can do is celebrate them every chance I get, to make sure they feel appreciated and valued - and you bet I\'ll be sure to do that.


My husband

While I\'ve been a useless, non-contributing member of our family this fall, he\'s kept extremely busy with is business, Superior Spray Foam, so that we can continue to pay our mortgage each month. Although, I\'m pretty sure he\'s made up jobs in the last few months just to get out of the house and stay away from the trash monster I\'d become for a bit there. I\'ve been terribly moody and cranky and I sure as hell haven\'t kept up on appearances while at home, but he still tucks me in at 7pm when I go to sleep these days, helps with the dishes when he can (or when I passive aggressively ask him to), and has been running our son to school each morning so that I can get as much sleep as this fetus tells me to.


Alls I\'m sayin\' is - I probably would\'ve divorced me by now.


My family

Whether by blood or by marriage, my family has been nothing but kind and caring these past few weeks. Between helping get Jack to his extra-curriculars, or making us soup and good things to eat while I\'ve been less than active in the kitchen, I am so grateful.


My clients

AGAIN NO WORDS. The patience and kindness that has been shown to me by my clients is nothing short of amazing. I don\'t know if it\'s because this extreme morning sickness thing is more relatable than I think or what, but I am just astonished by the grace shown to me while navigating my way through, and now out of, that terrible first trimester. As I continue to get my feet planted firmly beneath me these next few weeks, I\'m working just as hard as possible to show them all that their kindness was well-placed, and their patience worth it. Thank you all!



Just kidding, I\'m pregnant.



Our new office & this bomb job - I think I might have written about this before, but I'm here to say it again. When I was a senior in college, we had to create a hypothetical business from the ground up and write a full-fledged business plan so that we could attempt to get fake funding for it. Guess what my group of incredible ladies decided to write about? A small business (agricultural-based) marketing agency. This has been my dream since the beginning and I sometimes have to pinch myself to be reminded that I am actually getting to live out that dream.

I don't get to talk about agriculture every single day BUT I do get to write about sheep and dairy farms along with agri-tourism occasionally - which makes my heart pretty darn full. I also have the opportunity to HELP small businesses in the area and work one-on-one with some hardworking incredibly driven business owners.

*A big THANK YOU to Dr. Randy Ray for coming up with this group project (even though he wasn't too terribly thrilled 4 Ag Comm majors decided to partner up) and Dr. Tanner Robertson for teaching me to chase after what my passions versus the dollars. #GoBuffs*


My friends & family - I have the best friends and family in the entire world, blood-related or not! From my parents making sure I have good tires and warm coats, to my extended family going above and beyond to make sure I feel right at home here - I am truly blessed. P.S. My brother is flying in tonight to spend Thanksgiving with us! Just in time for the snow!


My cats (Link & Speedy) - Even though the new kitten has made it her mission to knock every ornament off the Christmas tree... I still like her.

My church - Since moving to Wisconsin I've had the opportunity to get plugged into a church that has helped me dig even deeper into my faith. I am constantly surprised by the ways I see God moving in my life and can't help but be eternally grateful for all the ways He has been working in me.


All the food that I am going to eat tomorrow.


Donielle likes to keep things short and sweet...

My family

My friends (who are like family)

Oliver (my cat)

My job





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