How To IGNITE Your 4th of July Marketing Campaigns

4th of July Marketing Blog

How to IGNITE Your 4th of July Marketing Campaigns

Happy ALMOST 4th of July! In light of my FAVORITE holiday, I wanted to provide you with some fire-y tips and tricks that will help boost your 4th of July marketing campaigns.

Host a Social Media Contest:

  • Who doesn\'t love free stuff?! Especially during the holidays! Take this week as an opportunity to run some kind of social media contest where you give away a product or service in return for a submitted photo or maybe even a like/share/comment contest.

 Create Using the 4th of July Theme:

  • Having a 4th of July sale? Don\'t forget the good ol\' red, white and blue when creating your promotional pieces! You can even generate themed discount codes to be applied at checkout like CRACKLE or FREE1776 (I am sure there are better ones out there these are just the first two that popped in my head…).
  • Don\'t know what to discount? Well I hate to break it to you… but we\'ve already blown through a month of summer so maybe it wouldn\'t hurt to go ahead and start putting some seasonal items on sale… (I know, I am pretty shook up about this, as well.)

Use A Holiday Hashtag:

  • Hashtags are a great way to get people sharing original content, and (if it is unique) it can act as the perfect virtual holding place for you to keep track of what all is being shared in regard to your holiday campaign. Ask your followers to share photos, videos and/or stories to get them engaged on your page(s). #PARTYLIKEITS1776

Add Value to Their Day!

  • Host a company BBQ and invite your followers to join in and hang out for the day! Raffle something off! Do a give-a-way! Heck, you could even share your favorite patriotic recipes! Make it fun and engaging so that your customers will see you as more of a friend that is inviting them over to join in on the fun holiday shenanigans rather than a corporate machine looking to make a quick sale.

Blogging For 'Merica

  • You already learned the importance of blogging from Emily\'s blog (blogs on blogs on blogs) last week. Read it HERE.
  • If you haven\'t already, you should make this week\'s post 4th of July inspired. Then try to find a way to directly tie it into an upcoming/current promotion.

Join The Parade

  • What better way to stand out and reach new faces than by signing up to take part in your community\'s local parade!? Be a sponsor or drive through town in a cool car or float. Physical impressions can make lasting impacts on potential customers.
  • Don\'t forget the reason we're all celebrating. Parades are a great way to show appreciation for the holiday and to get involved in your community.

Whatever you choose to do, do it well! The 4th of July is a wonderful and exciting holiday that can bring an entire community together. Find what works for you and then run with it!

Have a happy and safe holiday! I can\'t wait to be somewhere on a boat, drinking something cold while watching and lighting fireworks surrounded by loved ones and good food. We truly are lucky to live in such a remarkable country.

What about you? What's your big plans for the holiday? Let us know in a comment below!


Kassie Mullins is N8s resident content expert, specializing in photography, videography and social media management. She also works with clients on web design, blogging and more.

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