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If your company, business, organization, product (hereby referred to as your thing) is like me in my late twenties, you’ve got yourself a brand. What do I mean by that?

I mean confident in who you are, what you do well, what you suck at, and a no-apologies attitude for living out your authentic self. That is a good brand.

In jargon-y marketing speak, a brand is the sum of all elements – tangible and intangible – that contribute to the overall perception of your thing in the marketplace. It’s not who you think you are, it’s who your ideal customer thinks you are. And if you don’t like who your customer thinks you are, it’s time for some deep self-reflection, reinvention and brand relaunch.

But first, research

All the best branding initiatives start with research. At North of Eight Design & Marketing, we believe in big, bold risks. But we mitigate those risks by relying on data to help inform those terrifying, big brand decisions. Our team will help craft and execute custom surveys, interviews and focus groups that get deep into your current brand positioning. We’ll then help you analyze the results for insights and trends - which will boil down to some actionable items that need to be addressed in order to live out your rebrand authentically.

Why should your customers choose you over your competitors? 

What makes you stand out from the rest? 


These questions can be answered through our branding process. We’ll dive into your brand positioning statement, your brand story, your service offerings and your competitive landscape (to name a few). Once we have a grasp on your new brand strategy, we’ll transition to putting the pen to paper - or creating those tangible brand assets like logos, mood boards and brand guides. 

Guide your brand...with a brand guide

We bring it home with an all-encompassing brand guide. This living and breathing document touches on all key elements of successful brand consistency - from logo marks and imagery to tone of voice and photography style.

The value of a brand guide cannot be over-stated and the team at North of Eight Design & Marketing is ready to help you identify, create and document the perfect new brand

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"We have been working with North of Eight Design & Marketing for about two years now. We started off by rebranding Burnett Medical Center and our relationship instantly clicked from there. There is a lot that goes into the rebranding process but it was so easy with their help. We have a brilliant new logo and design we love!"

- Halle Pardun, Burnett Medical Center