Digital advertising


Spend money to make money

Roman playwright Titus Maccius Plautus was definitely ahead of his time when he wrote that. Like 2400 years ahead of his time. Nothing I say will matter in 2400 years so kudos to Titus.

Digital advertising isn't an option for any business these days - if you're not spending time and money marketing your services online, you're not capturing all the business that's available to you. And you're losing money (right Titus?!).

There are SO many ways to market your business online and there are methods to the madness - ways to be cost savvy without sacrificing reach, guerrilla tactics to leverage free platforms in a meaningful way, and more. Each business will require a different mix of platforms and media to make the biggest impact...so read on below but don't get overwhelmed - we can help you navigate the best path forward for your budget.

Google ads

Pros: Measurable success (and failures, I guess), circumvent organic ranking, display network

Cons: WHY IS THIS PLATFORM SO CONFUSING?! Keywords can be competitive


That pesky Google has its hands in everything these days, including your ad spend.

Google Ads are a great way to reach folks who are search for exactly what you're offering. A well-conceptualized and executed search campaign will funnel people who are ready to "buy" right to your landing page.

The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) team at North of Eight Design & Marketing can help design, execute, monitor and optimize your Google Ads presence so you don't have to. Because seriously it's only fun if you're big ol' nerds like us.

Social media advertising

Pros: Cost effective for reach and impressions, highly targeted

Cons: Can't fully control the message, time consuming to optimize

Social media marketing is one of the most prolific forms of advertising online. With less than 5% of your followers being exposed to your organic posts on Facebook, it's becoming necessary to throw ad dollars in the mix.

Our team of social media marketers can help develop creative content, conceptualize ad campaigns and execute a killer strategy to get you the results you're looking for.


Read more about our social media management here. 

Landing page design

YOU GUYS LISTEN UP. We cannot over emphasize the importance of your landing page in digital advertising. All the time spent crafting your ad and your message is for naught if they click the link and they aren't taken to EXACTLY what they need in order to complete a purchase or take an action.

The anatomy of a good landing page varies based on your industry and your offering, but the pros at North of Eight Design & Marketing will make sure you put your best [landing page] face forward.


Native advertising

Pros: Seen as more trustworthy, highly engaged audience

Cons: Very time consuming to create the best content.

Native advertising is a sneaky little way to get your newsy or blog content to appear in-line on your favorite news sites. Usually identified as a "sponsored story" or with a little message that it's a paid advertisement, native advertising is a great way to reach and audience that cares about your headline. It can be spendy, but the folks who click on your article are highly interested in what you have to offer.

North of Eight Design & Marketing can help you develop goals, write content, define your audience, place your native advertising AND unpack the results. It's a lot to do on your own, so let the experts at North of Eight Design & Marketing help!

There are way more ways to advertising your business online. If your project calls for something outside our areas of expertise, we'll hook you up with the rock star companies who can execute these campaigns.

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