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Local SEO is all about ensuring your business has the best search visibility in your community. It's a combination of Citations, Google My Business, Google Search Console, Social Media, and Reputation Management. 

Basically, when someone is driving through your town and they search "[blank] near me" you best show up as an option.

Unsure of your Local SEO standings?

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If you're unsure where to start, start here. An accurate Google My Business profile is the single most important way to get found locally.

When a poor, under-caffeinated soul searches "coffee shops near me" they will find their next cup of joe at one of the establishments that shows up in the map pack. The map pack is fed by Google My Business profiles. If you're not in the map pack, you're missing out on business. And if you're missing out on business you're going to have to eat ramen, AGAIN. Sick.


What the heck are citations?

A citation is anywhere on the internet your business Name, Address and Phone number appear (hitherto referred to as NAP). Common sites include Google (hello Google My Business!), Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Yahoo Local...the list goes on.

Having accurate NAP data across all of these aggregating sites tells Google and other search engines that you've got your sh*t together, and they'll rank you higher because of it. Our Local SEO services monitor your citations for errors so you can bounce in and fix them. We also execute citation building campaigns which can help improve your search ranking as well.

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Online reviews are the new "word of mouth" advertising. We monitor the health of your online reviews in an easy to read format. Our dashboards allow you to read and respond to reviews from one platform - so no more bouncing between Facebook, Google, Yelp and others.

Need more reviews? Our team can help build out a robust review-gathering process to help gather as many of those coveted 5-star reviews as possible.

Keyword Ranking

Where does your site rank for the search terms your potential customers are using? We analyze each page of your site against those identified keywords, giving you plenty of data on what you're doing really well and what needs to be improved.

We're data nerds here at North of Eight Design & Marketing, so we can help translate your keyword results into a language you can actually understand. We'll suggest action steps to help you rank higher for your identified keywords, we'll help you research which keywords present the best opportunity to grow your business, and we'll do the hokey pokey and we'll turn ourselves around because why the heck not.

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