Social media management


At North of Eight Design & Marketing, we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. While we no longer need to convince people of the importance of establishing a social presence, we do need to stress the importance of formulating a social media strategy. 

Are you overwhelmed with attempting to navigate the waters of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn (the list goes on...)? Our social media team creates a social plan specific to your business and your business goals - tracking and reporting progress each month. Through the use of digital content calendars and advanced reporting software, we’re able to pinpoint the best types of posts for your business along with optimal posting times and dates.

Organic social media support

Taking Your Social Media From Point A to Point B - We like to look at each month as if it were a map leading us to our destination. Each post is a waypoint along the way that marks an important place to stop and visit before reaching your final destination. These posts/waypoints provide value to the visitor and usually leaves them coming back for more, sometimes even bringing friends with them.

This is where strategy comes into play. By developing a social media strategy that is active instead of reactive, strategic instead of tactical, we’ll develop an engaging online persona for your company. You'll see monthly reports, reputation monitoring, branded content creation and more. As we take on managing your social media accounts, we will implement your social media strategy and use our social media management software (Cloud Campaign) to schedule your posts in advance so that we can create a roadmap for success. 

Nervous about blindly letting us drive the boat? If requested, we offer an approval system where you can go through and see exactly what we have scheduled out for the month ahead. There you can suggest changes and make comments to ensure that we stay on the same page.

Content creation

At North of Eight Design & Marketing, we’re all about custom content that increases engagement and improves the user experience. We believe that social media should be fun, simple and engaging for both you and your audience. We want you to be you, and we value authenticity above all else. We have decades of experience managing and growing social media presences for clients across the U.S.; however, we are folks just like you, working to support the incredible things that you're doing with your business.

Our social media management platform is an integrated, real-time experience that [we think] is super fun and easy to use. Collaboration is key, and we'd like to help you tell your story.

Just getting started? Our affordable photography services can help create a robust content library for your social media management plan. While organic content is amazing, it helps to have a digital marketing strategy, as well! Contact us today to talk about what’s so important about Facebook advertising + the do’s/don’ts. 


Did you know that less than 3% of your followers are actually seeing your organic content? Over the last few years, Facebook has been shifting to more of a "pay to play" structure when it comes to working with businesses on the platform. In order to get views to your Facebook posts, the company is wanting you to shell out some cash. Have you noticed? Think about it - when you scroll through your Newsfeed, have you noticed that every 2 - 4 posts is a sponsored post? Have you ever bought anything from one of these ads? I know that I have.

So it is inevitable that these days, you should plan to have some kind of Facebook ad spend established. Why? Because Facebook has proven to be an incredible sales tool to get your audience shopping online.

Should I just boost my posts?

Absolutely not. Strategically think of who you are trying to target and where they are currently at in the buying process. Through Facebook/Instagram advertising, you can have your ads showing to an extremely specific group of people at certain times and on particular dates. Take advantage of that by installing pixels and setting up a retargeting campaign for folks that have already visited your website. Am I speaking French to you? Now is always good time to reach out and ask us what the heck you're supposed to be doing.

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$95 per hour

"We've been utilizing the blog service from North of Eight for just over a year. Kassie has been awesome to work with - give her a little info and she runs with it! She has saved us countless hours of time!"

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