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Operation Rebrand


REBRANDING OURSELVES If we are going to offer Branding (and rebranding) as one of our main services, we figured it was about time to take...
Announce Kassie

Yes yes yes here we go!

So you may have noticed that we’ve been a little quieter than normal during COVID. We’re still here! We’re still alive and well! We’ve just...
During COVID

How to Manage Your Social Media During COVID-19 (& other crises)

North of Eight's Social Media Crisis Plan Hey there friends, clients and passerby-ers. Come have a seat - but not too close! We are currently...
Abandon cart

But First – Abandon Your Cart

I’m not 100% sure I should be writing this blog but here we go. As a marketer, I know some handy-dandy tips and tricks when...
Hire Local

5 Reasons to Hire a Local Marketing Agency for your Small Business

So a guy with a faux leather padfolio walks into a bar... No, this isn't the start to a killer joke, but it is the...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends, family, and followers! We wanted to take some time on this snowy Wednesday to talk about some of...