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We no longer need to convince anyone that having a website is necessary. You know it. I know it. Hell, my 76-year-old grandma knows it. But at North of Eight Design & Marketing, we know a website can be so much MORE.

A good website does a few things:

  1. It speaks for you when you can’t
  2. It magnifies your message
  3. It converts cold leads into warm leads and sometimes a full-fledged client
  4. It makes you bigger, faster, stronger (heyaaaa truth in advertising folks!)

Your website is the official word on you and your business. This is the only corner of the internet that you can stake any claim to. As your audience shifts from baby boomers to those dreaded millennials and *GASP* even younger, it’s important to reach them where they are – on the internet.

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Web Design starting at



Our web design services start at $7500, and here's all the killer "stuff" that's included:

  • Up to 10 fully-designed web pages
  • 3 hours of photography for local clients
  • Responsive website design with mobile/desktop variations
  • Agency-level tools and plugins (N8 hosted sites only - $800/year value)
  • Lead generation forms
  • Custom 404 page
  • Social media integrations
  • Top-level on-site search engine optimization
  • Google Analytics, Search Console installation & basic setup
  • Facebook Pixel & tracking codes
  • Sitemap
  • Schema markup
  • Blog/News functionality

content creation

With over a decade of experience building sites for businesses and organizations across many different industries, the North of Eight Design & Marketing web designers are seasoned professionals that are dedicated to bringing websites to life that will deliver just the kind of results you’re looking for.

Need ideas when it comes to writing content? We can help with that, too! We’ve written content for all kinds of businesses. From a spray foam insulation site, to content for a secured loan provider, to content for a site dedicated completely to the sheep industry (that was a fun one!); there is no topic we can’t handle or learn more about. With your help, we can/will do our best to get your message across to your audience.

We aim to create websites that Google likes, with SEO being one of our top priorities. The higher you rank on Google, the more likely your site will actually get seen.


Mobile-first, responsive design

Mobile-first, responsive design

mobile traffic is up in the last 7 years
of internet traffic is mobile
minutes consuming media on mobile devices

Think about that little mobile device you're carrying around at all times. That phone is one of the most prolific pieces of technology the world has ever seen...and it's become the most-used device to access the internet.

It's no longer an option to have a mobile-friendly site. You need a mobile-first design. While responsive layouts do most of the heavy lifting, it's still crazy important to optimize your site for user experience across all devices.

AND THIS TAKES WORK. Lemme tell ya, rearranging the column flow, replacing design elements that only perform best on desktop or best on mobile, ensuring the call-to-action is accessible and actionable regardless of screen's a lot of work, but we're ready to tackle it.


At North of Eight  Design & Marketing, we’ve made the deliberate decision to utilize open-source web design and development platforms.  And it’s not because we’re not wicked smart and able to a.) create such things or b.) realize they could make us a ton of money - it’s because we want to make it easy for you to leave us. 


Yes. We want to earn your website business every day. If you’re not happy with your service (and you’ve paid all those pesky invoices), your site design is yours to keep and transfer to any hosting provider you choose. I mean, we hope that you stay, of course - but knowing that you can leave encourages us to do our very best work for our clients day in and day out. 

Website Hosting

North of Eight's dedicated server, reserved just for our clients, is about as kickass as they come. With access to all sorts of features that make your site run quickly with over 99% uptime, it's definitely the place to be.

Did you know that we review each and every website on our server at least once per month? We update your WordPress database, ensure all plugins and extra add-ons are up-to-date and remove any spam comments that may be collecting in the backend. All of this to ensure your site is operating securely and smoothly.

In addition, you can feel free to send us updates you'd like made to your site at any time. Including the time it takes to review and update your site each month, you're allowed up to five hours of website maintenance per year. Want to change out some pictures, add a blog post or simply update your hours? We got your back.

Google likes a site that's routinely updated, so please please please use this time! As a note, any support over that five-hour mark is billed at $95/hour.

All of this to say that we're working hard to take care of your site each month - we don't set it and forget it like a rotisserie chicken.

Basic Hosting


  • Up to 10,000 visits/month
  • Up to 10 GB local storage
  • 50 GB of bandwidth/month
  • Global CDN
  • Quarterly Reports
Advanced Hosting


  • Up to 100,000 visits/month
  • Up to 20 GB local storage
  • 200 GB of bandwidth/month
  • Global CDN
  • SSL security certificate
  • Monthly performance reports
  • Up to 5 hours of annual hosted website support
  • Multi-site capable
  • Staging site

Website REtainers

Starting at $750/month

YOUR WEBSITE IS TIRED OF YOUR EMPTY PROMISES. If you're ready to prioritize your website and invest in it's ongoing maintenance and optimization, we're your people. Focused on making your website actually work for you - to bring in new leads, to rank for the right keywords...we'll dive in every month to give your site the love and attention it needs.

Our monthly website retainer includes:

  • All the benefits of our Advanced Hosting Plan
  • Ongoing SEO and monthly reporting