Social Media – Don’t just set it and forget it.


If I told you that 2.38 billion people read your local newspaper each month, would you be sure to place your advertisement? Heck yes you would, because you\'re an opportunist.

That 2.38 billion active users is just for Facebook. That figure doesn\'t include potential customers on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and whatever other new-fangled platform they probably came out with yesterday.

The long and the short of it: if your business has clients or customers, social media is definitely where they\'re at.

But the difficult part of social marketing is that it\'s not something you can necessarily set and forget (not like those rotisserie chickens, amiright?!) . Just having a profile for your business isn\'t enough. People look to social media to learn more about you and your services. They\'re looking for ways to connect with you conversationally.

If we think about your website, or your print advertising or really any other form of advertising, it\'s a one-way street. You\'re shouting at your customers to \"do this, buy that, order now\" - and that\'s okay for most marketing mediums….but social marketing is all about the conversation. It\'s a back and forth. Arguably our favorite aspect of social is the feedback we can get from our customers, both current and potential.

If you can\'t get directly in front of your customer, social media serves as the space where relationships are made or where they fade.

You can\'t simply create a profile and call it a day.

Social media marketers like to tout the platform as free - but really the expense lies in the opportunity cost. Every moment you spend focused on you social platforms is a moment lost in another aspect of your business. North of Eight Design & Marketing works with A LOT of small businesses - and we know time, money and energy is almost always too tight.

If you\'re thinking of starting a social marketing plan, or looking to utilize the profiles you do have a little more effectively, check out our simple social media recommendations below:

Always grab your handle

Go through ALL social media channels that you or your kid can think of and sign up under your business\' handle. Even if you don\'t use Snapchat now, owning that handle is key in case you may use the platform later. You don\'t want to be @NorthofEightDesign_0142.

Be realistic

Don\'t set yourself up for failure. I think of this a lot like when I try to diet or exercise. When I tell myself I\'m going to work out everyday and the first day I miss comes along, I\'m out. I\'ve already failed and I\'m going to go right ahead and throw the baby out with the bathwater.

If you can only post once per week - own that and just do it consistently.

If you know you\'re going to be terrible at getting back to people\'s messages, set an auto-response message that politely asks them to give you a call during normal business hours.

Respond to reviews

If someone leaves you a good review, thank them. If someone leaves you a poor review, set their house on fire respond from a place of kindness publicly. Apologize for a poor experience and let them know you\'ll reach out privately. And then do that. Send them a message….this is all part of the conversation.

Don't just sell Sell SELL

Your social audiences are choosing to follow you, so give them some value. Don\'t simply post about your weekly sale/special over and over again. If you\'re a bar, why not share a cocktail recipe every once in a while? How about an article about the latest fashion trends if you\'re a retail clothing store?

If you\'re too "salesy," you\'ll lose your followers, for sure.


And, as always, the gals at North of Eight Design & Marketing are here and ready to offer you a little support when it comes to your social marketing plan. We\'ve helped some folks simply develop a strategy that they then execute in house, and we\'ve totally managed a few client\'s social media presences as well. We\'re here to plug in where and when you need.