The Kickasserole : Episode 1 : Facebook & Instagram Overview

On our first official episode, we're chatting high-level about social media for your business, focusing this episode on Facebook and Instagram.

T H E * O N E * T H I N G:

Claim your profiles if you haven't done so, and make sure the information in the about sections are up to date.

[[okay that's like one-and-a-half things...]]

Some other takeaways:

  • These platforms are still king right now, if your goal is to reach the masses.
  • Make sure your profile is updated with the correct information about your business.
  • Commit to posting at least once per week. Scheduling posts ahead is a great way to make this easy.
  • Ad budgets are key now! Your organic posts are reaching, on average, less than 5 percent of your page audience.
  • Instagram is where we go to dream. Post high-quality images only.
  • Kassie misses Myspace.