Yes yes yes here we go!

So you may have noticed that we\'ve been a little quieter than normal during COVID. We\'re still here! We\'re still alive and well! We\'ve just been working on a few things behind the scenes at the North of Eight headquarters… 

TWO HOUSES ARE BECOMING ONE. What does that look like?

Well I\'m wicked excited to announce that my dear friend Kassie is now a partner in this business. Flying solo is a thing I realized is best reserved for Justin Timberlake and women in their early twenties who need to find themselves while backpacking through Europe (you go girl). COVID-19 has been nothing short of a nightmare, but it has given us both the opportunity to reflect deeply on what our goals are - both personally and professionally. And wouldn\'t you guess, us two crazy cats are so in sync we knew there was no better path forward than with each other.

Bringing on a partner is something I should have done right away - or nearly right away. This agency grew too quickly to successfully manage on my own. Truthfully I attempted solo entrepreneurship for far too long, to the detriment of this business, my family and my health - AND OUR KICKASS CLIENTS.  To you I say: I\'m so stinkin\' sorry for not recognizing that the answer to all our shortcomings was literally sitting at the desk right next to me. 

ain't she a beaut?

So let\'s talk about Kassie and what she brings to the table as a partner. Today she literally scooped up a dead mouse from our office floor while Donielle and I cowered in the corner. This is not a joke. She straight up used a snow shovel to fling this thing out the door. She is FEARLESS. Oh and then when said mouse didn\'t make it far enough into the woods, she flung it again, and again...and once more for good measure. Girl is THOROUGH. 

She\'s like this weird unicorn mix of creative and organized. You usually get  one or the other but God must have spent a little more time on her or something. She keeps me accountable not only to her, but to myself. She makes me excited for this business again - for the possibilities. 

The band is back together! This time with Kassie as a partner and our irreplaceable Donielle as our Chief Web Developer, and Lori our incredible branding strategist and graphic designer. Plus a whole network of incredible subcontractors who are already helping take us to the next level in this agency journey. 

So thanks, COVID, for forcing me to recenter and refocus. For making it so that asking for help wasn\'t NOT an option. 

Emily Gall North of Eight Design & Marketing

Emily Gall is an owner at North of Eight Design & Marketing. With over a decade of experience, she's a strategic communications and marketing professional.

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