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A Thread on Instagram Threads

A Thread on Instagram Threads

A Thread on Instagram Threads Are you tired of sharing your deepest thoughts and innermost feelings through mere photos and videos? Of course you are!...
A blog on decoding the Google Analytics GA4 Update

Decoding Google’s GA4 Update

Decoding Google's GA4 Update: Supercharge Your Marketing With Google Analytics You've probably received AT LEAST one email talking about this thing called, GA4. Don't fret!...
ChatGPT blog cover photo from North of Eight

Chat GPT & the Future of Marketing Agencies

ChatGPT & the Future of Marketing Agencies WHAT IS CHATGPT? If you haven't heard by now, ChatGPT is taking the world by storm by using...
Organic social and building a community

Using Social Media to Build a Community

COMMUNITY & ORGANIC SOCIAL MEDIA We all know Facebook, along with many other social media platforms, serves as a great avenue for advertisers to promote...

Facebook Forever, Man

"Facebook Forever, Man" Two years ago if somebody had told me that I would spend most of my time scrolling on social media split between...
let's get reel - a blog on social trends

Social Media Trends (August 2022)

SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS ARE CHANGING REEL-Y FAST. Social media is a lot like a Wisconsin summer. It constantly changes and you never know what's coming...